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About Awethu Group

We are Awethu Group, we are fast becoming the South Africa’s number one 100% black owned sales, marketing and independent beverage and FMCG distributor. We’ve grown up alongside the South African liquor and FMCG industry, and with 20+ years of knowledge and experience behind us, we are experts in delivering great levels of service and flexibility.

We are representing some of South Africa’s niche domestic brands taking them across South Africa and into the international market.


Awethu Group is working with niche and award winning brands and we are always looking to expand our multi-beverage and FMCG portfolio. Our philosophy is to align ourselves with South African brands that has the potential for growth. Leaders in excellence and consistency within their categories.

Our commitment is through hard work, passion, and devotion to provide the South African and global retail and hospitality industry with a beverage and FMCG portfolio that is unique and rare, not only for right now, but for many years to come.


​We are proud to be 100% black South African owned since inception.  Awethu Group is privately owned by Douglas Kleinbooi and he brings a wealth of experience in the beverage, supply chain and distribution industry, he is also involved with all aspects of the business, making sure that his team is constantly working at their best. He is complimented by a team of professional and focused staff, who are brand orientated and service driven.


Awethu Group will always be dedicated to working with the niche beverage as well as the FMCG industry. The goal is to supply these brands to a domestic and international retail consumer markets and intern building growth within the South African market. We are passionate about the brands we work with. Once we start a relationship with a supplier, or a reseller  we are committed 100% and we won’t stop until we see absolute success. It’s this passion that drives us to exceed in delivery service, flexibility, and building brands for local and international markets.

About Awethu Group

The Awethu Group Director have collectively over 20 years industry experience that is brand orientated and service driven.